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Research: Summer Scholars Program

May 19 through July 31, 2014

2013 summer scholars

The Summer Scholars Program is a mentored research internship offered by the Department of Pediatrics of Eastern Virginia Medical School at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. The competitive 11 week program is open to college seniors (rising or graduating) and first- or second-year graduate or medical students who are exploring potential careers in medical, biomedical, public health, or behavioral research.

2014 EVMS Summer Scholar Application - CLOSED January 31, 2014

Students chosen for the program will conduct a pre-selected research project, from start to finish, and present their project outcomes to the scientific community. Students are listed as co-investigators on their projects which are frequently published and presented on the national level. Formal classroom training and personalized application in research design, implementation, and publication make this summer experience a must for anyone considering a career in research.

Research topics for 2014 are not available at this time; however, our 2013 mentors, research projects, and Summer Scholars are listed below. Click for a list of projects from 2012 or 2011.

2013 Summer Scholars Project Summary
Summer Scholar Faculty Mentor Project Title
Francis Aguisanda Earl Godfrey, PhD
EVMS Pathology & Anatomy
Neural Stem Cell and Electrotransfer
Gene Therapy for ALS
Fahad Ali M. Mumtaz, MD; F. Tsai, MD
Assistant Professors
EVMS/CHKD Cardiac Surg
A Comparison of Pre and Post-Operative Differential WBC Counts in Newborns Requiring Open Heart Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects / Short term results of Cormatrix augmented pulmonary valve leaflets:
A single center case series
Matthew Badgett Julie Kerry, PhD
Chair, EVMS Microbiology & Molecular Cell Biology
Cytomegalovirus-Prevention and Treatment Strategies
Laura Binari Laurie L. Wellman, PhD
Assistant Professor, EVMS Pathology & Anatomy
The role of basolateral amygdalar glutamate receptors in social defeat and subsequent sleep in rats
Kara Braunstein Kelli England Will, PhD
Associate Professor, EVMS Pediatrics/Comm. Health
Efficacy of Including Risk-reduction Rationale in Child Passenger Safety Messages
Julia Crowley David Taylor-Fishwick, PhD
Assistant Professor,
EVMS Internal Medicine
Role of NADPH Oxidase-1 in beta cell dysfunction
Jeffrey Goodwin Eva Forgacs, PhD
Assistant Professor, EVMS Physiological Sciences
The effect of Omecamtiv Mecarbil, a cardiac myosin activator on slow skeletal muscle and its implication for therapy
April Goolsby Kelly Maples, MD
EVMS/CHKD Dept of Peds
Safety of Abbreviated Oral Food Challenges in Pediatric Allergy Patients
Kaidi He Craig Derkay, MD
Professor, EVMS/CHKD
Defining, identifying, and addressing congenital amusia
(tone deafness) in children
LaShawndra Hooks Michelle Clayton, MD, MPH Assistant Professor, EVMS/CHKD Child Abuse Delayed Diagnosis and Predictors of Abusive Head Trauma
Joshua Jun Kent Reifschneider, MD
Assistant Professor, EVMS/CHKD Endocrinology
Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes
Kendra Keith Eric Werner, MD
Professor, EVMS/CHKD
Value-Added Time in Ambulatory Pediatric Specialty Programs
Miles Leviste Thomas Hubbard, MD
Professor, EVMS/CHKD
General Academic Pediatrics
A novel teaching stethoscope: Electro-cardiac
impulse-guided tracking validation study
David Mazur-Hart Yumi Imai, MD
Assistant Professor,
EVMS Internal Medicine
Role of perilipin 5 in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and insulin resistance
Olivia Means Eric Werner, MD
Professor, EVMS/CHKD
Value-Added Time in Ambulatory Pediatric Specialty Programs
Lauren Miley Amy Newmeyer, MD
Assistand Professor, EVMS/CHKD Developmental Peds
Resiliency and Perceived Stress in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Niall Moreira Peter Dozier, MD
Assistant Professor, EVMS/CHKD Child Psychiatry
AMAP: A Certification Course in Essential Psychiatric Skills for Pediatric Residents - Part 2
Enoch Obeng Diane Duffy, PhD
EVMS Physiological Sciences
Angiogenesis in the Ovulatory Follicle
Nicole Olive Virginia Proud, MD
Professor, EVMS/CHKD
Medical Genetics
Pilot study to characterize the introduction and use of the DietWell for PKU application in families of children and young adults with PKU
Jiger Patel Maripaz Morales, MD
Assistant Professor, EVMS/CHKD
Allergy & Immunology
Adherence estimator and correlation between Asthma Control Test and FeNO levels in difficult to treat asthma patients from a tertiary pediatric subspecialty clinic
Matt Peworchik Dianne Daniel, PhD
Assistant Professor , EVMS Micro & Molecular Cell Biology
Expression and localization of MCM8, MCM7 and Ki-67 in skin cancer specimens:
associations with particular diagnoses
Lauren Siewertsz van Reesema Amy Tang, PhD
Assistant Professor , EVMS Micro & Molecular Cell Biology
Tracking live human cancer cell behaviors using MitoTracker, LysoTracker and Cell Apoptotic Dyes in response to anti-SIAH-based anticancer therapies
Juliann Stalls Melissa Mark, MD
EVMS CHKD Dept of Peds
Community Health & Research
Understanding Symptoms in Children with Cancer Over Time: Evaluation of the Impact on Caregivers
Anne Marie Young Stephanie B. Troy, MD
Assistant Professor,
EVMS Internal Medicine
Circulation and Mutation of Oral Polio Vaccine in Household Contacts of Immunized Children after National Immunization Weeks in Rafael Delgado, Mexico


Linda Merhige
Summer Scholars Program
CHKD Department of Pediatrics
601 Children's Lane
Norfolk, VA 23507-1971
(757) 668-7486

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